History of South Vienna

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The first school house was a frame building, and was located on the north side of E. Main Street.  It was built in 1835.  It was later moved to the rear of 14 E. North Street, where John Y. Smith later built a two-story frame house on the front of the lot.  Part of the building was converted into a garage, and was eventually torn down. It was succeeded by a brick building north of town, built in 1845. In 1856, the village was divided into two school districts, and a frame house, later known as the Old Blue School, was built on the east of town on the site where Mrs. Angie Rice later resided.  This was later the Henry residence and was located at 507 E. Main Street. These first schoolhouses were crude structures, which had huge fireplaces, slab seats, puncheon floors, and roofs of clapboards held on by weight poles. In 1866, the two districts were made one, and a brick building was built at 209 E. Main Street. 

A grade school was established, which was later remodeled and enlarged.  For many years, grades 1-4 were in one room, and grades 5-8 in another.  About 1948, this was changed, and grades 5 and 6 were in one room, and 7 and 8 in another.  That meant eliminating the “gym”.  Grades 1-4 remained the same.  This building was used as a school until 1951, when it was closed, and the students started attending school at Plattsburg. The building was sold to William Blevins for $2,500 and he converted it into apartments.. Other grade schools in the area during the 1940’s were Lisbon, Harmony, Plattsburg, Brighton, Catawba, and Botkin. Main Street was also the National Road and during the 1940’s there was a traffic light in front of the school.  It was turned on during the time that students were arriving and leaving school.  It was a real treat for the eighth graders to get to go out and turn the light on or off.  In the spring the 7th and 8th graders would form a baseball team, elect a captain, and play a few games on Friday afternoons, usually against one of the schools previously mentioned.  The 4th, 5th, and 6th graders would do the same. The umpire was usually a bus driver or a teacher, none of who seemed to know a lot about the game.    

          The present school in South Vienna, located on West Main Street, was opened in September, 1961, for grades 7, 8, and 9.  It was later enlarged to accommodate  all of the grades, kindergarten through eighth grade.  Kindergarten was later moved to Northeastern High School, because of lack of space, and first grade was also located there for a short period of time. The first principal at the present school was Alfred Shaw, from 1961 through 1967.  He was succeeded by Kennith Forren, Margaret Dillon, Larry Shaffer, Ted Williams, and Todd Justice.  In 2000, it was separated into elementary and middle schools, with a principal for each.  Todd Justice and Ted Williams filled these positions, until Ted retired in early 2014 and was replaced in the fall by Denise Jones.

This school building was built at 209 E. Main Street in 1866, and continued to serve the community until it was closed in 1951.  

Top Row L to R: Bonda Rinehart, Bonnie Hildebrand, Alice Sultzbaugh, Sharon Overly, Beverly Karl, Kay Shoemaker, Cinda Davis, Trudy Farish, Terry Diehl, Lynn Stewart, ______, Stanley Coberly, Roger Woods.  Middle Row L to R: Vicki Davis, Mary Lou Sprinkle, ______, Tommy Butler, Paul Whitaker, Donnie Bailey, ______, Jerry Neff, ______, Joel Flarida.  Front Row:  ????????

                    SOUTH VIENNA SCHOOL, GRADES 4 - 6, 1947

SOUTH VIENNA SCHOOL, GRADES 5 - 8, 1946      Top Row:  Mrs. Rice.  2nd Row L to R: Barbara Whitaker, Marion Williams, Bob Scaggs, Jaron Shook, Don Wilt.  3rd Row L to R: Patty Womacks, Marilyn ?Fisher, Don Wilson, Lois Peters, Helen Davey, Ann Doyle.  4th Row L to R: Jim Fisher, Don Farish, Ed Dillard, Virginia Lowe, Betty Wright.  Bottom Row L to R: X, Bill Womacks, Norman Runyan, Jack Wright, Roger Runyan, Connie Sheets.


The first school house in the village was built in 1835.  It was a frame building and was located on the north side of East Main Street.


                   SOUTH VIENNA SCHOOL, GRADES 1 - 4, 1946

 Top Row L to R: Marjorie Peters, Ronnie Shoemaker, Leon Ogg, Robert Garlough, Donnie Whitaker, Joyce Runyan.  2nd Row L to R: _____, Trixie Farish, ____ Dillard, Shirley Rinehart,Fred Fisher, Martha Peters.  3rd Row L to R: ____ Shirk, Barry Richardson, David Dillard, Curtis Williams, Bill Renner, Lynn Farish.  4th Row L to R: LeRoy Williams, Doris Runyan, Edgar (Happy) Long, ____ Shirk, Joy Long, Madeline Brungart.  5th Row L to R:  ______, Doy Miller,David Woods, Dan Dillard, Tom Cooper, John Dillard.  Bottom Row L to R:  ______, Jim Wren, ______, Roger Neff, Richard Garlough, Charles Stites.


                  SOUTH VIENNA SCHOOL, GRADES 1 - 4, 1940

  Top Row L To R:  Teacher, Julia McAllister, ______, ______.  2nd Row L to R:  Jaron Shook, Elwood Wilson, _____, ______, ______,.  3rd Row L to R: Marie Ingling, Marilyn Fisher, Ronnie Sheets, Eddie Dillard, Virginia Lowe, Don Farish.  4th Row L to R: Lois Peters, ______, Lowell Davis, Barbara Wier, ______, ______.  Bottom Row L to R:  Norman Runyan, C. J. Stoll, Verlyn Dillard, ______, ______, Jim Fisher.